Are you living your Shimmering Life?

Who am I?  I am the creator of my own Shimmering Life.  I am a personal development group facilitator and transitional life coach.  I guide clients from feeling they’re stuck in a life that no longer fits who they are, where they want to be, or how they want to feel.  I support them on the journey from mundane, pain, and emotional chaos to a Shimmering Life!

To create our Shimmering Life, first we need to look at who we are, who we want to be and work creatively to create how we want to feel, rather than what we want to have!  You may want to own a big house, drive a super car, travel on exotic holidays. BUT what are the feelings that having these things give you?  How can you create these feelings NOW with who you are and what you have now?  Let’s start creating that vibe now!

We often hear that we attract what we think, bit I believe it goes deeper than that.  I think we manifest more of what we feel.  Our thoughts create how we feel, which causes a vibration.  Therefore, if we chose to think about how we want to feel, and increase our vibration, we will start to attract things into our lives that resonate with that vibration.

What is your vibe attracting?


Are you up for the Chalenge?

My inspirational quote today is one by Oprah Winfrey   “I don’t believe in failure.  It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.”  Don’t you just love that?  You can’t ‘fail’ at anything so long as you enjoy the experience!  So what would it feel like to take responsibility for making absolutely everything you do ‘enjoyable’?  Are you up for the challenge?

Even if you have things to do today that are a bit boring.  Put a favourite piece of music on; take a 5 minute break from your laptop and have a boogie;  and if you have some research to do, go to the local library to do it, and connect with your community; and always try to be present in all that you’re doing and really create some lovely positive feelings.

When I left my marriage of 30 years, I decided I would make the very best of a difficult situation.  I hired a counsellor and stressed that I didn’t want to just delve into my past, but wanted to make the process as positive and enlightening as I possibly could.  I planned to do something of significance at least once a month that was exciting, fun,different or that forced me out of my comfort zone.  I also kept a gratitude journal and ended each day writing at least 3 things that I was grateful for that day.  This helped me to be more present each day, exercise Mindfulness, and take time to appreciate and enjoy the simplest of things, such as birdsong, the sky, clouds, riverside walks and the beautiful friendships that I have invested in.  They created the magic in my life again, and for that I am truly grateful.

I hope that you will accept the challenge with me,play full out and bring even more excitement into your life.

How will you make your day exciting?  Please share with me, and have FUN!!

Love and blessings x ❤ x


Apreciating ‘Value’

Apreciate Value

Apreciate Value

When I opened the bedroom curtains this morning I decided to just observe my surroundings for a few minutes in appreciation.  I listened to the birds singing in the trees, dawn had broken and there was a lovely hue and a vibrant energy of a beautiful day dawning.  I watched the commuters hurrying towards the train station, laden with rucksacks, heavy briefcases and laptop bags,  a couple of commuters strolling at a more leisurely pace were checking their mobiles and catching up with other people’s worlds.  Sadly, I noticed there wasn’t even one happy face, and who can blame them if they had to wake early and rush around to prepare for a job they don’t enjoy, and if like me, they prefer to spend some time alone in the mornings rather than share their space with other discontent commuters.  Years ago, I was one of them, and now I revel in appreciation of running a Holistic Therapy and Life Coaching business that I love, connecting and serving wonderful clients with the intent of helping them to improve their health and well-being, and inspiring them to create a life they love and are grateful for.

I remember my ex-husband often saying “you don’t know how lucky you are”,  We had a lovely house on the edge of the countryside, a swimming pool, hot tub, beautiful gardens with water features and a log cabin.  We used to venture out most weekends either diving, walking or sightseeing.  I was content with my world, and appreciated the lovely ‘things’ that I had.  But I wasn’t truly happy on the inside.  I didn’t know who I was anymore and I felt lost, sad, forgotten, and of no value.  I felt I always had to feel grateful for him being the main provider.  If I wanted him to do anything for me, he would ask “what’s it worth?”  Everything had a cost, but I felt empty, and emotionally broke!!

Breaking away and spending time getting to know and love myself, and with the support and encouragement of fabulous friends, I have transformed my life!  I live in a small flat, where I have created a comfortable, loving home and work space.  I am happy to share this with my lovely partner, my cat ‘Pickle’ and I have a welcoming room to share with my lovely clients.  I am very grateful, and appreciate the ‘value’ of having a comfortable home and place to work; I appreciate the work I do and those that share their personal stories with me;  I appreciate immensely the value of great friendships and the natural gifts of sharing, having fun, laughing together and supporting each other.  I am grateful for a loving partner who also shares the ‘value’ of everything, and not the ‘cost.’  He loves ‘me’ unconditionally, which is the greatest gift of all.  From this loving space, I feel refueled to be able to share and help others to build a live they truly value and love!

What do you Value?